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Top Quality
From Head To Tail

High quality, sustainable, and healthy.
Each Tonnino product will elevate any meal.

Our Process
Makes All The Difference

Our comprehensive handling of every step of the process, from sourcing the finest fish to meticulous packaging, ensures exceptional taste and quality.

Premium Tuna Cooked On The Bone

Our unique and secret cooking recipe enhances the texture and juiciness of tuna. This exclusive cooking methodology is customized based on the fish species.

Mercury Tested In German Laboratory

We take mercury testing very seriously. We ensure that levels are lower than the FDA requires.

Delicate Processing

Our tuna is frozen just once – on the ship, right after it’s caught. This locks in the freshness.

Hand Packed

We hand cut and hand pack our tuna in glass jars so the quality of each fillet is clearly visible. It also helps keep the fillets intact.

We carefully select our raw material
from sources that guarantee sustainable fishing practices, preventing the bycatch of thousands of species.

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